To Lose One's Feathers

Having dinner with a couple of friends is nice, but having dinner with a couple of friends in Accra, Ghana is great.
Although I am quite unsure about whether this story will actually amount to anything, and even more unsure as to the number of senses still fully functional, I will try and entertain you who are kind enough to tune in. It is my pleasure. It may be yours.
‘Tune in’, I say, and not ‘join in’ or ‘read’ as you might expect. That is largely due to us having taken up residence above the widely popular Sunny FM radio station, bringing you gospel encounters of the first and foremost kind.

Sunny FM is enlightening us with all the latest in gospel to shake your feathers to until they drop, peppered with some good old fashioned stone-cold solid piece of in-your-face hellfire and brimstone. It’s a cross between the best of the collected speeches of Jim Jones and Steve Reich’s early recordings such as ‘Come out’.
(I don’t have the means to link to or upload any of it now, but I suggest if you are unfamiliar with those, especially the latter, you look for it on the internet right now and play the piece and shake your feathers to it until they’re all tight up in knots.)
The preacher we hear on the radio would make you believe anything. If you are an unbeliever, he’d make you a believer. If you don’t believe what is written in the bible, he’d make you believe what is written. If you don’t believe your aunt is the King of Prussia, hell… he’ll make you believe she is. This man can do anything. He is a magician. Just tune in and be ready to accept.
The first power cut of the week brings us back to reality. The radio is dead and all returns to normal, we start making plans for the evening. Things are largely improvised as we cruise down to the beach line where there are many hotels to choose from to have dinner. In the La-Palm Hotel [you have by now become familiar with my misreading (or misinterpreting) of words and phrases] which naturally I greeted as the Na-Palm Hotel, we decide to have dinner. Dinner proves again to be a huge success.
Now, having said this, I wonder how many of you are aware of the fact that I have not been using the letter ‘R’ in the whole of this piece.

Furthermore, I wonder how many of you actually scrolled back to check this obvious untruth.
Now please kindly continue. [I am talking to myself here]
There was a poster on the wall of the hotel-restaurant advertising a bar in which it was good to shake your tail feathers. Whether this would be good for your health was not mentioned, but we decided we wanted to do that anyway. First we asked one of the many beautiful Ghanaian waitresses for tips and tricks. She recommended us to just go there and see, and demonstrated the shaking that would be going on there at certain hours of the night. We were very exited.

As it happened we were not arriving at certain hours of the night. As it happened we were not alone in not arriving at certain hours of the night. Indeed there were many many thousands of people not arriving at certain hours of the night. The bar was pretty much dead as a dodo and so we called it a day, which in fact it had been.
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I like you inline joke about the lette ''. In fact, due to a boken keybod, I have leaned to live without the lette ''. People don't mind once I let them know what's going on, and in some sentences, like this one, you don't even notice its absence, at least ery much.
Daniel, - 24-06-’07 02:55
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