Weblog van Lutek Dabrowski. Medio 2007 in gebruik genomen, toen als voornaamste reden verslag te doen van de reis door Ghana met Arnon Grunberg en Timme Sjoerd Hos. Na thuiskomst besloten door te gaan met stukjes schrijven. Reacties zijn welkom.


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Dorothy and Gold

26 06 07 - 09:25

Portrait of the artist as a young man.

We are heading for Cape Coast, on our way to Obuasi to visit the gold mines there. We are a little late this morning (but what is time in Ghana). At nine we were set to go, but then Arnon was furiously typing away on his Apple (he is making us promise to use an Apple if weíre ever to come on a trip with him again) so we didnít want to disturb his concentration. At a certain point he stopped writing, looked around the room and asked: Who is it we are waiting for anyway? We answered in unison it was he himself. We left at ten.

We visited two fortresses today, at Elmina and Cape Point, the former of which was taken by the Dutch from the Portuguese in a very clever way, or so our guide told us. We, as Dutchmen, were not supposed to feel good about that, and I believe we didnít. On the picture you see Anthony and Timme perform a re-enactment of that fateful day, a good three and a half centuries ago. The Portuguese expected the Dutch to come in by the sea, as they had done on previous occasions. This time they started over sea, partly, but finished the job from over land. The guide thought it was clever, I only thought the Dutch knew how to stab a guy in the back. Only 4 days ago I read a short story by Herman Koch in which he rightly illustrated that you can only win a war by breaking the rules.

In a nearby village we stopped for lunch and enjoyed the view of the seaside, the local restrooms, the village boys, and especially the nice women serving us in the restaurant. In no particular order.

Enter Dorothy.
(sorry, I meant that quite Shakespearian)
Dorothy blew us away, or maybe it was the ventilator. Or maybe the Sunday hymns that suddenly filled the air when the church doors opened nearby. Or maybe the doors opened because she walk past. She was wearing a small bag on her back, not sure if it was meant to be a bear or a dog, maybe neither. You would want to have Dorothy as a maid, as a sister, a lover or even a mother. We werenít sure which. Actually we had just decided we were all one happy family and figured the family members were: mother Timme, father Lutek, son Arnon, uncle George and grandfather Anthony. (The latter also serving as part-time magician but most families are un-familiar with that member so let us not go into that right now.)
Since we couldnít quite figure out a that point where she would fit into the family, we decided to buy time and ask her to join us for the rest of the trip. She might, but then again she might not. We hoped to find out tomorrow. More on the subject later. In the meantime I tried cheering up Timme by quoting Cheyenne (Once upon a time in the West) in saying I like my coffee the way I like my women, hot, strong, and black. I might have made part of that quote up. I am not sure.

The final part of the trip was Northward bound, and made us feel just a little bit how the slaves must have felt during their journey from the Point of No Return, over the Atlantic, to the New World. We felt it for two hours, they felt it for three months. There were probably more differences then that, but you can imagine yourself.
No, on second thought, you probably canít. And neither can we. Gebruikte Tags: , ,
twee reacties

aside your ego and have thye courage to openly and honestly to be the writer you really want to be.
Reading your reports..I have faith in you...continue to serve society.....Lots of luck..Peggy termonen
Peggy () - 27 06 07 - 14:32

good to see all these pictures on the internet and i know you are a good writer keep it up
anthony () - 04 07 07 - 21:08

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